Hardy Johnson with Step Up For Students Scholarship Students at New Jerusalem Christian Academy

Tarmac America Doubles Support of Step Up For Students


~Titan America subsidiary contributes $1.5 million to fund Corporate Tax Credit Scholarships~

Miami, Fla., July 25, 2006 –Tarmac America joined parents, students and teachers at New Jerusalem Christian Academy in Miami on July 25 to present a $1.5 million check to Step Up For Students, an initiative of the Corporate Tax Credit Scholarship Program (CTC). Hardy Johnson, Florida President of Tarmac America, a brand of Titan America, presented the oversized check to Step Up For Students and spoke with students and parents about the importance of creating paved paths towards higher education. Tarmac’s contribution to Step Up For Students this year more than doubled the $700,000 contribution the company made to the program in 2005.

Hardy Johnson with Step Up For Students Scholarship Students at New Jerusalem Christian Academy

Hardy Johnson with Step Up For Students Scholarship Students at New Jerusalem Christian Academy

Under the Step Up For Students program, corporate sponsors like Tarmac redirect a portion of their Florida state tax liability to scholarship funding organizations that provide K- 12 scholarships to low-income Florida students, enabling them to attend the private or public school that best meets their needs. In exchange, corporations receive a one hundred percent Florida income tax credit for every dollar donated. Tarmac’s $1.5 million contribution will enable at least 400 disadvantaged children in South Florida to receive Step Up For Students Scholarships through Florida PRIDE, the scholarship funding organization serving West Central and South regions of the state.

“The Step Up For Students program would not be possible without the tremendous support from corporations like Tarmac America,” said John Kirtley, President of the Florida School Choice Fund and Step Up For Students, and chairman of Florida PRIDE. “We are grateful for Tarmac’s continued support of the scholarship program. Their contribution will enable at least 400 more disadvantaged children in South Florida to attend a school best suited to their needs.”

During the event, Hardy Johnson shared some one-on-one time with the scholarship students attending New Jerusalem Christian Academy. Twenty students gathered around Johnson on New Jerusalem’s library floor as he read to them an inspirational personal story by former NBA star Karl Malone and taught them a valuable lesson in working hard to achieve their goals. Johnson was happy to connect with the students his company supports, and the children were equally excited to share this time with him.

“At Tarmac America, we have a long history of contributing to the community, and helping to build good foundations for the future is literally what we do everyday,” Hardy Johnson said. “We’re proud of our work with Step Up For Students. We are excited to be able to turn our success into opportunity for others. That’s what Step Up For Students is all about – creating the chance for more and more students to step up and succeed.”

The event also featured Laura Jones, a single parent raising four boys, two of which currently benefit from the Step Up For Students Scholarship Program and attend New Jerusalem Christian Academy. Her oldest son was also a product of the scholarship program and since that time has moved on to excel in public high school. Step Up For Students enabled him to attend a private school, where he received the right academic environment to overcome his struggles during middle school and move on to succeed in public high school. Her two younger sons continue to do extremely well at New Jerusalem.

“Attending a school that can meet their learning needs and offers the right environment has helped to make [my sons] into well-rounded individuals,” Laura Jones said. “I don’t know what I would do without the Step Up For Students Scholarship Program. My heartfelt appreciation goes out to Tarmac and the many other corporate donors who have made these scholarships possible.”

Laura Jones was also joined by her mother, Annie Mae Carter, a retired Dade County Public School Teacher who currently serves as a substitute teacher at New Jerusalem Academy.

Titan America’s family of businesses is one of the premier cement and building materials producers in the Eastern United States. The group is best known for the following brand names: Titan America®, Tarmac®, ProAsh®, and our company names Titan Florida, Titan Virginia Ready-Mix LLC, Roanoke Cement LLC, Essex Cement LLC and Separation Technologies LLC. Operations include cement plants, ready-mix concrete plants, concrete block plants, quarries, cement terminals, as well as fly ash production facilities. One of the core values of Titan America is corporate social responsibility, and the group serves its community as active and concerned corporate citizens and guardians of future generations and the environment. For more information on Titan America and its brands, visit  www.titanamerica.com.

The Corporate Tax Credit program – also known as “Step Up For Students” – provides K-12 scholarships that allow 15,000 low- income Florida students to attend a private school or out-of-district public school. One hundred percent of corporate contributions go directly to funding scholarships – not a single penny can be used for administrative costs. The program currently serves over 3,000 students in Miami-Dade County and has raised more than $210 million since its launch five years ago. For more information, visit  www.stepupforstudents.com.[/x_text]