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Partner with Step Up For Students to Provide Educational Opportunities

Step Up For Student scholarships empower students to personalize their education by finding learning environments where they can thrive.

Partnering with Step Up For Students allows your school to be a part of this larger effort. Together, we improve student achievement, strengthen instruction and grow school enrollment.

For many families, the scholarships offer the only opportunity they have to afford private school tuition or other learning options that truly addresses their children’s educational needs.

The Florida Tax Credit Scholarship/The Family Empowerment Scholarship for Educational Opportunities

Income-based financial aid for tuition and related expenses for students to attend private schools. It is also available to dependent children of active military or law enforcement officers, children in foster care, siblings of UA students and children in out-of-home placement.

The Family Empowerment Scholarship for Students with Unique Abilities

Aid for students with certain diagnoses delivered in the form of an education savings account (ESA) that families can use for educational services and products.

The Hope Scholarship

Financial aid that enables students who have experienced bullying or violence at a public school to attend a private school.

Join the cause and help children succeed

Private Schools that provide a robust learning environment and are in good standing with the state Department of Education are welcome to participate in the scholarship programs at any time of the year.

To be eligible, schools must meet high standards regarding personnel and facilities and be fully compliant with the scholarship statute.

Find out more about what is required to be eligible.

Supporting Our Partner Schools

Schools can access a wealth of resources through the Step Up For Students. Our dedicated teams build relationships with educational partners to support their success. This includes timely updates, along with providing connections to high-quality resources and networking opportunities.

What School Leaders Say

“I am an educator for 35 years, a school owner and principal for 25 years. I came into the profession to help promote equity and justice in America. We are all unique and creative beings. There is no one-size-fits-all way of learning and growing into successful, compassionate, well-adjusted people. I cannot think of a better way to promote equity and justice in education than through the Step Up scholarship.”

Nadia Hionides
Principal of The Foundation Academy, Jacksonville

“At Admiral Farragut, the way we operate is deeply rooted in history and rich in tradition, and being a positive influence in our community is a big part of that. Our mission is to give young people a solid foundation of academics, social and leadership skills, and a sense of integrity so they can become productive members of our global society.”

Captain Robert J. Fine, Jr.
Headmaster of Admiral Farragut Academy, St. Petersburg

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How does my school become a partner?

  • Navigate to
  • Click on, “Private School Information for Administrators”
  • Use your 4-digit Department of Education code and password to Login under “Existing Private Schools Login.” If you don’t have a DOE code, please click here and follow instructions to obtain a code and password.
  • After logging in, indicate that you’d like to participate in the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship Program.
  • Upon completing the above steps, the school may contact Step Up For Students to create a Step Up For Students account. In order to receive your login with Step Up For Students, you will need to email [email protected] for login credentials. Please keep in mind that all the information we require will come from your portal with the Florida Department of Education.

Download the ExcelinEd Guide to the Requirements for Starting a Private School in Florida as an additional resource, including legal requirements. Get the guide >

How is the program administered?

  • Step Up For Students issues payments to schools electronically. This process takes place at least four times per school year and requires the parent/guardian to electronically verify their student’s payment, each time, before Step Up For Students can release the student’s scholarship funds to the school. 
  • Prior to each scholarship payment, schools are required to verify their scholarship students by completing and submitting an electronic Verification Report (VR). The electronic VR is available through the school’s secured login and must be completed during the verification window. Schools will not be permitted to complete Scholarship Commitment Forms (SCF) or Exit Commitment Forms (ECF) during a Verification Window. Schools should ensure all information is correct at least one week prior to the VR.
  • Please click here for the 2022-23 Verification Report and Payment Distribution Schedule.

What can the scholarships be used for?

  • Tuition 
  • Books sold through the school (e.g., textbooks, workbooks, etc.) 
  •  Registration 
  • Transportation services that occur during school hours such as for field trips 
  • Uniforms sold through the school 
  • Standardized or entrance testing  
  • Other fees, not including before and/or after school care services or after school sports fees (e.g., graduation fees, yearbook fees, field trips) 
  • Digital devices and internet access directly through the school 

Become a Private School Partner

Private Schools that provide a robust learning environment and are in good standing with the state Department of Education are welcome to participate in the scholarship programs at any time of the year.
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More Information

The statutes that govern the programs can be found online:

Please contact the Customer Experience Team with any questions you may have.

Phone: 1-877-735-7837
E-mail: [email protected]

For more information on tuition schedules, how to transfer a scholarship and more, please visit our handbook.