Alumni Network Unites Former Scholarship Recipients

Alumni Network Provides Benefits to Former Scholarship Recipients

Step Up For Students scholarship recipients continue to receive benefits after they’ve graduated. The Alumni Network empowers its members to support the advancement of choice programs in Florida by educating and informing community members, lawmakers and donors about the importance of educational options.


As a former Step Up For Students scholar, you have earned your place in our Alumni Network. By joining this network for free, you can impact the educational landscape in your community for future generations. Additionally, you will have access to a variety of benefits, activities, and events that will allow you and your community to be more engaged with the future of education in Florida.

Free Membership
Joining the Alumni Network is free! All we ask is for your commitment to advocate on behalf of underserved students in Florida.
You will have the opportunity to connect with decision makers, donors, potential employers and other alumni through various events and social media.
Exclusive Discounts
You will have access to hundreds of discounts to retail stores, vacation packages, movie tickets and more.

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Alumni Spotlight

Meet Ny'Reon Shuman. Step Up For Students alumna, graduate student and student advocate.