Reimbursement Cards

Making Educational
Spending Easier

In an effort to streamline reimbursements to families for out-of-pocket educational expenses and eliminate the need for sharing personal banking information, Step Up For Students is providing a secure, reloadable reimbursement card.* Think of it as a direct deposit from Step Up For Students straight to your card for the approved expenses for your scholarship student(s).
*Families with multiple children receiving a scholarship, regardless of program, will receive one card per family.

Freedom to Spend
The reloadable card allows families to receive reimbursement funds from Step Up For Students with the freedom to spend the funds at their discretion.

Just Like a Bank Card
Families can use the card just like a standard bank card to cover out-of-pocket expenses and transfer the funds through Zelle®, PayPal®, or Venmo to a personal bank account.

Network of ATMs
Cardholders can make a cash withdrawal from a network of ATMS, free of charge. View the ATM Map >

Customer Service Team
Reimbursement cardholders have access to a dedicated team of customer service representatives who can be reached at
(888) 863-0681.


Understanding the Reimbursement Card and how you can use it

Who Is Eligible?

Scholarship families with an approved out-of-pocket expense will receive their reimbursement on their reloadable reimbursement card.

This includes scholarship students benefitting from the following programs: FTC/FES-EO, including PEP and Transportation, FES-UA and New Worlds.

Need Assistance?

There is a dedicated customer service team available for Reimbursement Card users.
Call (888) 863-0681

How Does It Work?

To initiate the reimbursement process, log in to EMA and click on the "Reimbursement" tab along the vertical menu. You will be prompted to confirm your mailing address and the date of birth for the parent or guardian on the account. 

You will receive your family's Reimbursement Card approximately 5-7 days after initiating your reimbursement request and confirming your address. An email notification will be sent when the reimbursement request is approved and the funds have been loaded onto your card.

Please note:  Your card will not arrive with preloaded funds.