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Connect with Families and Students to Provide Educational Opportunities

The Family Empowerment Scholarship empowers families to personalize the education of their students.

Providers are now able to onboard into the Education Market Assistant (EMA).

Parents/guardians and providers can find details about eligible services and what they entail in the scholarship handbooks and scholarship purchasing guides.

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Reading and Math Providers

If you'd like to be a provider for the New Worlds Scholarship Accounts (NWSA) program, join our interest list today!
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Become a Provider

Whether you're a individual service provider, a business, or part of a larger network, we've outlined the steps for creating a provider account. It is essential to follow the instructions in the Service Provider Account Types and Document Checklist carefully to minimize any errors or potential delays.

Additionally, please be aware that certain provider types will be required to upload a specific form during the onboarding process.

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Home Education Instructional Program 2023-24 Provider Participation Agreement >