MyScholarShop Provides Direct Access to Services and Products Covered by Scholarships

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For families with an education savings account (ESA).

This one-stop online shopping experience was created for families who have an education saving account through a Family Empowerment Scholarship for Students with Unique Abilities (FES-UA) or a New Worlds Reading Scholarship Account. The ScholarShop is a portal that allows you to purchase pre-approved instructional materials and curriculum without having to pay out of pocket.

Benefits of the ScholarShop

MyScholarShop vendors are paid directly through your child’s scholarship account with no out-of-pocket costs.
Everything on MyScholarShop is preapproved.
No reimbursement paperwork is needed.

How Does the ScholarShop Work?

“Pick it, Click it, and Ship it”

Search for what you need as you would on any online store and find the items you want. Put them in a cart and check out when you’re ready. MyScholarShop will do the rest, including checking to make sure you have available funds.

You are not obligated to use MyScholarShop. You can purchase pre-approved instructional materials and curriculum directly from vendors and then apply for reimbursement.

What’s Available on the ScholarShop?

On the virtual shelves of MyScholarShop, you will find a wide variety of instructional materials, technology devices, and curriculum related to reading and literacy.

Step Up For Students works with vendors to get the best possible prices and shipping times for our families on the ScholarShop. We continuously look for competing suppliers to provide similar products to help meet the needs of your student at a fair price. We do not profit from MyScholarShop. It is designed only for the convenience of our families.

You can influence what vendors and products are included in MyScholarShop. In fact, many vendors have come on board based on parent requests.

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For families with FES-UA funds available

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