Policy and Public Affairs

Step Up For Students is a non-profit managing the largest Tax Credit Scholarship Program for low-income students in the United States, serving 100,300 students. Step Up also manages Florida’s newest school choice program, the Gardiner Scholarship (formerly the Personal Learning Scholarship Account), serving 9,202 students with special needs. Step Up is adding two new scholarships for the 2018-19 school year: the Reading Scholarship and Hope Scholarship, for bullied students.

If you are a reporter or academic researcher and you need information about these programs, please contact our team.

For media inquiries please contact Jon East (727-451-9819, jeast@sufs.org), Ron Matus (727-451-9830, rmatus@sufs.org) or Patrick Gibbons (727-451-9827, pgibbons@sufs.org).

jon-east-for-step-up-siteJon East

Vice President, Policy and Public Affairs
Office phone: 727-451-9819
Cell phone: 727-420-6993
Email: jeast@sufs.org


Amy Graham

Senior Policy Director
Office phone: 850-270-6357
Cell phone: 850-980-2736
Email: agraham@sufs.org

Jody Hysler

Director of Compliance
Office phone: 904-352-2241
Cell phone: 904-610-1335
Email: jhysler@sufs.org


Ron Matus

Director of Policy and Public Affairs
Office phone: 727-451-9830
Cell phone: 727-580-1577
Email: rmatus@sufs.org

Alexis Flowers-1_1

Jeff Barlis

Communications Manager
Office phone: 727-451-9816
Cell phone: 352-328-4662
Email: jbarlis@stepupforstudents.org

Kim Briggs

Compliance Specialist
Email: kimb@stepupforstudents.org


Geoff Fox

Public Relations & Strategic Communications Manager
(727) 451-9851


Patrick Gibbons

Public Affairs Manager
Office phone: 727-451-9827
Cell phone: 813-528-3435
Email: pgibbons@sufs.org

Dava FedrickDava Hankerson Fedrick

Research Manager
Office phone: 727-451-9813
Cell phone: 954-290-7942
Email: dfedrick@sufs.org

Scott Kent

Strategic Communications Manager
Office phone: 727-451-9832
Cell phone: 850-866-8152
Email: skent@sufs.org

Livi Stanford

Associate Editor, redefinED (www.redefinedonline.org)
Office phone: 727-451-9814
Cell phone: 978-877-9423
Email: lstanford@sufs.org

IMG_1138 - Version 2Amy Stringer 

Research Analyst
Office phone: 727-451-9875
Email: astringer@sufs.org

david-hudson-tuthillDavid Hudson Tuthill

Assistant Editor, redefinED (www.redefinedonline.org)
Office phone: 727-451-9835
Cell phone: 727-542-3854
Email: dhudson@sufs.org


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