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to Help New Worlds Scholarship Students

The New Worlds Scholarship provides access to resources for K-5 public school students who are struggling with reading and/or math. As an approved part-time tutor or fee-based after-school or summer reading and/or program provider, you can receive payment directly from Step Up for the services provided to eligible scholarship students.

The program provides parents with access to education savings accounts, worth $500 each, to pay for tuition and fees related to part-time tutoring in reading and/or math, summer and afterschool programs designed to improve reading or math skills, instructional materials, which includes limited technology, or curriculum related to reading and math.

To provide direct-pay services to scholarship families, you must create an account in ‘EMA,’ your Education Marketing Assistant. This direct-pay option alleviates the burden of paying out-of-pocket for scholarship families by allowing them to pay for your services directly out of their student’s Education Savings Account. Through EMA, you will submit documentation to become an approved provider. Once approved, EMA will help you manage how scholarship families find your business and pay for your services.

When creating your EMA account, you will need to provide documentation to verify your eligibility. Please review the Provider Checklist to identify the documents needed for setting up your account. School and Provider Handbooks may be found by clicking here.

Sign Up as a Part-Time Tutoring Partner

  1. Verify you are eligible for providing part-time tutoring services.
    1. Part-time tutoring services must be focused on Reading and/or Math
    2. Verify you have state-approved credentials. More information can be found in the New Worlds Provider Handbook.
  2. Create an EMA account
    How to create a business account >
    How to create a personal account >
    1. Add your tutoring services to the EMA Marketplace
    2. Add Credentialed Providers to your business
      How to link a business and personal account >

Sign Up as an After-School or Summer Program Provider

If you provide fee-based after-school or summer reading and/or math programs, you can work with Step Up For Students to receive payment for eligible students directly from Step Up For Students.

    1. Verify you are eligible to provide part-time tutoring services.
      1. After-school and summer programs must be focused on Reading and/or Math.
    2. Create an EMA account
      How to Create a business account >
      1. Add your program services to the EMA Marketplace.

Don’t want to become a direct-pay provider? 

New Worlds Scholarship families can pay you directly for approved services. Following payment, the families can submit a reimbursement request to Step Up by logging into their EMA account.

Scholarship families can learn more about reimbursements here >

Download the New Worlds Provider Handbook

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How do I receive payment for reading services rendered?

Upon receipt of the invoice, Step Up For Students will confirm scholarship eligibility and scholarship account balance.

Payments will be made directly to you by check on a bi-monthly basis for all validated students.

If you do not wish to set up direct pay with Step Up For Students but you still plan to provide your services to Reading Scholarship recipients, please provide your clients with this form to help with their reimbursement.

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