Development Team

Since 2002, the corporate community has committed more than $3.3 billion to the scholarship program, making it possible for over 680,000 scholarships to be awarded so students may attend the best school for their individual learning needs. Seeing the vast benefits of participating and the tremendous impact of their investment, corporations continue to enroll in the program year after year.

Step Up For Students’ Development Team is here to assist you in all aspects of reviewing, enrolling and participating in the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship Program. Our team is committed to ensuring your partnership with Step Up For Students is rewarding.

Meet the team below:


Anne Francis

Vice President, Development
(727) 451-9802


Jillian Metz

Vice President, Development
(727) 451-9817


Tim Bodamer

Assistant Director, Development Database and Stewardship
(904) 416-0661


Diana Allan

Development Officer III
(727) 422-0801


 Cheryl Audas

Development Officer III
(727) 451-9805

David BryantDavid Bryant

Development Officer II
(727) 451-9806

Karen CordyKaren Cordy

Development Officer III
(727) 451-9836


Megan Gulick

Development Officer III
(727) 455-8446

Jaclyn Kilpatric

Jaclyn Kilpatrick

Development Officer III
(727) 451-9847

RenaeSweeney_03Renae Sweeney

Development Officer III
(904) 687-8995

Karis TurnerKaris Turner

Development Officer III
(727) 451-9843


Wendy J. Woolley

Development Officer II
(727) 451-9829

Lauren Gray

Database Coordinator
(727) 451-9834

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