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DevelopmentSince 2002, the corporate community has committed more than approximately $5.2 billion to the scholarship program, making it possible for more than more than 840,000 scholarships to be awarded so students may attend the best school for their individual learning needs. Seeing the vast benefits of participating and the tremendous impact of their investment, corporations continue to enroll in the program year after year.

Marketing: Helps raise awareness about the five scholarships offered through Step Up For Students.

Office of Student Learning: Assists and supports the establishment and maintenance of collaborative partnerships with parents and families where the ultimate responsibility for the education resides with the parent.

Policy and Public AffairsOversees research and policy development, legislative and regulatory issues. Additionally, it Supports scholarship families and schools by providing information that will enhance the overall scholarship experience.

Advocacy and Civic Engagement (ACE): ACE implements, manages, and continually improves a statewide advocacy organization (Florida Parent Network) that promotes greater equity and excellence in public education through educational choice.

Provider Relations: Learn how your school can partner with Step Up For Students and be part of a larger effort to ensure every child has an opportunity to receive the best education for them.

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