Waseca Biomes is a small, women-owned company based in Athens, Georgia. We have been building and self-publishing our educational materials for over twenty years. We value the systematic approach of the Montessori Method and strive to develop materials that isolate the principles being taught to help a guide introduce concepts and build a child’s skills in manageable increments.

Our materials emphasize building language skills in conjunction with environmental and cultural studies. Our products and lessons are easily integrated with traditional Montessori lessons and provide unique approaches to exploring our Universe and our planet with students. We believe that inviting children to learn about the world through biomes opens them up to the wonders of nature, stimulates their curiosity, and hones their critical thinking skills.

Return Policy

Please promptly unpack your order completely when you receive it. Please let us know within 30 days if there were any hiccups with your order. If you have any questions or issues, please send an email with your order # in the subject line to [email protected].

  • If you are missing an item (or any parts or pieces), let us know via email and we will get it on its way to you ASAP.
  • If you have received an incorrect item, email us and we will send you a return shipping label.
  • If you have received a defective item, shoot us an email and we will send a replacement and a shipping label for the defective item’s return.
  • If you have changed your mind about something you purchased, send along an email to begin the return process. Per our policy, we credit non-defective returns toward your next purchase. We do not issue refunds for non-defective purchases. Shipping costs for these returns will be the buyer’s responsibility.