Embark on a mission with The Landmark Kids, a monthly mystery geography kit that transforms children aged 7-12 into globe-trotting secret agents. Each box is a new assignment, whisking your young detectives away to crack puzzles, solve logic challenges, and decipher brain games, all without needing a digital device. Their spy gear includes intriguing clues, recipes for international tasting, trading cards, guides, and unique souvenirs from countries like Morocco, Australia, and Japan. 

Parents will love this screen-free, educational adventure, fostering critical thinking, family teamwork, and cultural intelligence. Kids will have fun solving the case while learning about geography, food, history, language, animals, and social studies.

The Landmark Kids offers a range of subscription options to suit every family's needs. It is the perfect subscription to help inform and empower tomorrow’s global citizens.

Return Policy

Your satisfaction is a top priority. Our subscriptions are not eligible for returns or refunds, but we are committed to resolving any issues related to shipping or missing items. If you encounter any problems with your kit, please don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected]. We're dedicated to ensuring your experience with The Landmark Kids is enjoyable and problem-free.