Mightier uses the power of play to help children build emotional strength.

Mightier blends digital gaming with off-screen activities to teach coping skills through play. 

Visualize Emotions
Children wear a bluetooth heart rate sensor while playing games in the Mightier App. The in-game emotion meter, the Gizmo, helps children visualize their heart rate when they become overexcited, frustrated, or stressed while playing.

Learn Calming Skills
Children learn and practice evidence-based calming skills to lower their heart rate and return to gameplay.

Play, Practice, Apply
By practicing calming skills in the game, children build a toolbox of skills to use in their everyday life. Over time, children internalize these skills and can readily apply them in any situation.

Mightier's holistic program includes online play in the form of biofeedback games, offline play with activities, resources, and helpful tools like conversation cards, and parent support from our Family Care Team and Parent App. For best results, we recommend kids use the Mightier App for 3 fifteen-minute play sessions weekly.

Membership purchases include:

  • Mightier game app
  • Heart Sensor armband
  • Conversation Card deck
  • Monthly Skill Pack
  • Mightier Parent app
  • Family Care Team support

A compatible device is required in order to download and play the Mightier App. Check your device compatibility before purchasing Mightier by going here: https://www.mightier.com/compatibility/

Return Policy

All purchases are a one-time payment and nonrefundable.
For support, please reach us at [email protected]