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What Is MyScholarShop?

MyScholarShop is a one-stop online shopping experience for our scholarship families. It is meant to simplify how you purchase educational materials for your child. It’s as simple as “Pick it. Click it. Ship it.”

Why Was MyScholarShop Created?

MyScholarShop was launched as a way to give Educational Savings Account families a one-stop online shopping experience to meet their students’ needs. MyScholarShop allows families to shop for pre-approved instructional materials and curriculum without having to pay out of pocket.

How Does It Work?

MyScholarShop offers preapproved instructional materials (including technology devices) and curriculum related to reading and literacy. Shop like you would on any online website and then click “check out” once your selections are made. MyScholarShop will do the rest, including checking to make sure you have available funds.

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