How the Gardiner Scholarship Works


Please note: We are quickly reaching the maximum number of Gardiner Scholarships available for the 2018-19 school year. In order for Step Up to evaluate if there are remaining scholarships available, all students found eligible for the Gardiner Scholarship program will be placed on a wait list beginning on Monday, July 30. Students will be moved from the wait list based on time and date of eligibility as scholarships are available.

We encourage families to continue to complete and submit your application as soon as possible.

The Gardiner Scholarship program helps parents individualize the educational plans for their children with certain special needs.

A different kind of scholarship: The Gardiner Scholarship is different than other state scholarships in that it allows parents to personalize the education of their children with unique abilities by directing money toward a combination of programs and approved providers. These include schools, therapists, specialists, curriculum, technology – even a college savings account.

The Gardiner Scholarship scholarship amount varies according to grade, county of residence and disability. The average amount for most students in the 2018-19 school year is $10,000, and is based on a matrix level of 253.

If you are interested in becoming an approved provider, please read the Provider Handbook for more information. Please contact with any additional questions.

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