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Partnering with Step Up For Students allows your school to be a part of a larger effort to ensure every child has an opportunity to receive a high-quality education. Our scholarship programs and extended services can help increase student achievement, strengthen instruction and grow school enrollment.

Access our drop-down menu to learn more about our scholarship opportunities: The Florida Tax Credit Scholarship for low to middle income families, the Family Empowerment Scholarship for students with unique abilities or for low to middle income families, the Hope Scholarship for student who have been victims of bullying at a public school, or our Reading Scholarship for public school students who struggle with reading. Find out how they work, and how you can help promote the programs and your school to prospective students and parents. For many families, the scholarships offer the only opportunity they have to afford private school tuition or other learning options that truly addresses their children’s educational needs.

Step Up For Students also provides other valuable services through its Student Learning & Partner Success team, a team of experienced education professionals who work with school administrators, teachers and parents to bolster learning and professional development.

Join the cause and help children succeed.

For more information about educational options for parents, visit the Florida Department of Education, Office of Independent Education and Parental Choice at

Step Up For Students welcomes private schools to participate in the scholarship program at any time of year. In order for a private school to accept Tax Credit Scholarship funds in Florida, it must be in good standing with the state Department of Education and fully compliant with the scholarship statute.

Requirements for private schools are focused on two categories: a school’s facility and its personnel. The state is focused on providing a great learning environment for all of Florida’s students and asks private schools to hold themselves to the standards found in the rule. A school works with local agencies, such as fire and health departments, to successfully complete inspections annually. Additionally, school faculty and staff are fingerprinted to ensure they are good candidates to work with young students.

For more information about what is required to be considered an eligible, private school who is able to participate with the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship Program (FTC) or the Gardiner Scholarship Program click here.

Student Eligibility

To begin the compliance process with the Florida Department of Education, please follow the instructions below.

  1. Navigate to
  2. Click on, “Private School Information For Administrators”
  3. Use your 4-digit Department of Education code and password to Login under “Existing Private Schools Login.” If you don’t have a DOE code, please click here and follow instructions to obtain a code and password.
  4. After logging in, please indicate that you’d like to participate in the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship program.

After successfully completing the process, school administrators should contact a Step Up for Students Service Ambassador at 1-877-735-7837 to sign up for the mandatory new school training. The training will review all steps necessary to participate with Step Up For Students.

“I am an educator for 35 years, a school owner and principal for 25 years. I came into the profession to help promote equity and justice in America. We are all unique and creative beings. There is no one-size-fits-all way of learning and growing into successful, compassionate, well-adjusted people. I cannot think of a better way to promote equity and justice in education than through the Step Up scholarship. This scholarship not only equalizes the playing field economically, but allows those in poverty to enhance the lives of the economically privileged by being in the same private schools. We all gain in a diverse environment. We all lose in segregated settings. Myself, my students, my teachers and my community are all blessed through this amazing scholarship. “No Child Left Behind” can be accomplished if all private schools participate. Only in the diversity of private school choices can we meet the diversity in children and achieve successful well educated globally competitive students. I am privileged to be part of something that changes lives.”-Nadia Hionides, Principal of The Foundation Academy, Jacksonville


“At Admiral Farragut, the way we operate is deeply rooted in history and rich in tradition, and being a positive influence in our community is a big part of that. Our mission is to give young people a solid foundation of academics, social and leadership skills, and a sense of integrity so they can become productive members of our global society. Why should anyone be denied this opportunity simply because of their economic status? We embrace diversity and believe all children deserve a chance, which is why we enthusiastically partnered with Step Up For Students and encourage other schools to do the same.”-Captain Robert J. Fine, Jr., Headmaster of Admiral Farragut Academy, St. Petersburg


“Step Up For Students allows families who would otherwise be unable to attend Incarnation Catholic School an opportunity to acquire a private and Catholic education. As a Catholic organization, part of our mission is to serve all members of our community regardless of race, gender, economic status or even religion. Step Up for Students helps us to accomplish. Furthermore, the Catholic Church teaches that parents are the primary educators of their child(ren). Thanks to Step Up for Students, more families can exercise this primary educational role and choose the education that they feel is the best for their child(ren). This program helps us to serve more students while still keeping tuition for all families at an affordable level. Over the course of the four years we have been a part of the program, Step Up for Students has helped ICS to continue to offer an outstanding Catholic education to the surrounding Tampa Bay community.”-Michael Zelenka, Principal of Incarnation Catholic School, Tampa


“We have 30 foster children at our group home in Jacksonville and every single one of them attend Cornerstone Christian School on Step Up For Students Scholarships. Most of our children are very far behind academically and are at-risk for continuing down a negative path. Cornerstone Christian understands the specific educational and instructional needs of our children, and provides the necessary environment to help them cope both academically and behaviorally. The joint efforts of Cornerstone and the scholarship program have improved the quality of life for these children both in school and at the home.”– Brandi Gonzales, M.Ed., Social Worker/Counselor at Florida Baptist Children’s Homes, Jacksonville Campus.


“It is time we produce an education system that is custom fit for each student to reach his or her potential and help get Florida back to work. That is why I support Step Up For Students. The work you do to help our children succeed is inspiring. You understand that no two students learn the same way and it is time we change the way our schools do business.”

– Gov. Rick Scott

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