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Partnering with Step Up For Students allows your school to be a part of a larger effort to ensure every child has an opportunity to receive a high-quality education. Our scholarship programs and extended services can help increase student achievement, strengthen instruction and grow school enrollment.

Access our drop-down menu to learn more about our scholarship opportunities: The Florida Tax Credit Scholarship for low to middle income families, the Family Empowerment Scholarship for students with unique abilities or for low to middle income families, the Hope Scholarship for student who have been victims of bullying at a public school, or our Reading Scholarship for public school students who struggle with reading. Find out how they work, and how you can help promote the programs and your school to prospective students and parents. For many families, the scholarships offer the only opportunity they have to afford private school tuition or other learning options that truly addresses their children’s educational needs.

Step Up For Students also provides other valuable services through its Student Learning & Partner Success team, a team of experienced education professionals who work with school administrators, teachers and parents to bolster learning and professional development.

Join the cause and help children succeed.

For more information about educational options for parents, visit the Florida Department of Education, Office of Independent Education and Parental Choice at

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