Meet Ariely Burgos

By Geoff Fox

We're pleased to introduce you to Ariely Burgos, a student whose life has been changed thanks to Step Up For Students' Florida Tax Credit Scholarship Program. Her progress has been remarkable.

What most people don't know about Ariely is that she has Auditory Processing Disorder which stymies the way her brain processes words. While she appears to be quiet, she is usually just trying to decode spoken words. A rising sophomore in a private high school, she has made wonderful social and academic progress since being awarded the scholarship in third grade; the scholarship is for lower-income families.

These are things, her mother says, that have been made possible thanks to the Step Up For Students Florida Tax Credit Scholarship. And for Ariely it meant finding the right Catholic school for children with learning difficulties before she started high school.

"We are eternally grateful for these opportunities," her mother Linery Burgos said. "This was a dream come true. Without Step Up, we couldn't put our kids in Catholic school and give them the education we think they need. That's one thing in life people can't take from you. People can hurt you and break your heart, but no one can take away what you've learned."

Her Step Up scholarship has turned a quiet girl into a teenage leader at school and one whose future is now looking brighter than ever. Thank you for believing in our program and the children whose lives are forever changed because of it.

Enjoy learning more about Ariely by clicking on the link below:
My Story: Ariely Burgos

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