Motor Vehicle Sales Tax Credit Supports Hope Scholarship

Partners for Hope

Established in 2018, the Hope Scholarship gives students who have experienced bullying an option to transfer to a new school where they can get a fresh start.

This program is funded by contributions from vehicle purchasers who can designate up to $105 of their sales tax to fund the scholarship. This election is recognized with a dollar-for-dollar tax credit and does not cost the purchaser additional money. Dealerships, county tax collectors, and tag agencies collect the contributions and remit them to Step Up For Students.

As a dealer, county tax collector, or tag agency, you are required to provide consumers with the Hope Scholarship Program Contribution form.

The funds support the Hope Scholarship, which assists with tuition and fees to private schools or helps with transportation to a public school other than their zoned school. Funds may be rolled over to the income-based Florida Tax Credit Scholarship Program.

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How the Hope Scholarship Works
for Vehicle Purchasers

Share these videos with vehicle buyers so they are aware of the opportunity available to them.

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Or share this flyer with vehicle purchasers to explain how the Hope Scholarship works. See Flyer ›

How does the Hope Scholarship
Contribution Process Work?


At the time of purchase/ registration, provide the Contribution Election.


Collect eligible contributions.

Collect eligible contributions, up to $105 of the required state sales tax.


Remit the contribution to Step Up For Students.

Contributions must be made by the 20th of every month through the secure online payment portal along with a copy of the Hope Scholarship Program – Dealer Contribution Collection Report. 

Click here for detailed instructions on making eBill Payments

Electronic payments are preferred, however checks can also be mailed to: Step Up For Students, ATTN: Hope Processing, PO Box 645707, Cincinnati, Ohio 45264-5707.


Report contributions to the Florida Department of Revenue.

The fastest and easiest way to report contributions is to complete the Hope Scholarship Program - Dealer Contribution Collection Report is online . You may also report by submitting a copy of the Hope Scholarship Program – Dealer Collection Report.


Report contributions of state sales tax as Hope Scholarship Credits on your monthly sales and use tax returns.

The total amount of tax due reported on the tax return for vehicle sales or registrations must include the total state sales tax due before deducting the contribution of state sales tax to the Hope Scholarship Program. Refer to DOR TIP #18A01-16 for more information

To provide enhanced security and more convenient contributions, the Hope Scholarship online payment portal was upgraded in Fall 2021.

Florida’s car dealerships, county tax collectors and private tag agencies now have more convenient ways to securely remit and track confirmation of deposited contributions digitally. The service is offered through several devices, online, mobile, IVR and digital assistants to provide options to as many users as possible.

The upgraded Hope eBill Payment Portal includes the option to remit tax election contributions at the last minute and still have payments make it on time to remain compliant with state law.

Please note: If your bank account has a fraud prevention service, please add Company ID F593649371 to your approved list – before making a payment.

Hope Scholarship Information for Vehicle Purchasers

When you purchase a new or used vehicle in Florida, you have a unique opportunity to help Florida Students who have experienced bullying or harassment at school find a better education environment.

You can opt to contribute up to $105 to the Step Up For Students Hope Scholarship and receive a dollar-for-dollar deduction from your sales tax liability. Your vehicle dealer will take the contribution from your payment and manage the reporting. All you need to do is say yes. If you purchase outside of a dealership, you can work with the tax collector’s office to support the Hope Scholarship at no cost to you.

The Hope Scholarship provides students in grades K-12 who have been subjected to assault, harassment, hazing, bullying, kidnapping, physical attack, robbery, sexual offenses, threats or intimidation, or fighting at school. With scholarship funds, students can refocus on their education.