Stepping Up to Help Fulfill the Promise of Equal Opportunity

Funding Futures Through
Personalized Education

Step Up For Students empowers families to pursue and engage in 
the most appropriate learning options for their children.
Step Up For Students is a state-approved nonprofit scholarship funding organization that helps administer four scholarships for Florida schoolchildren: the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship Program (FTC) for lower to middle income families, the Family Empowerment Scholarship (FES) for lower to middle income families and students with unique abilities, the Hope Scholarship for public school students who experienced bulling or violence and the Reading Scholarship Accounts for public school students in kindergarten through fifth grade who struggle with reading.

Public education is rooted in the promise of equal educational opportunity, and nowhere is that covenant more relevant than in the lives of struggling or disadvantaged children.

These scholarships strengthen public education by offering options to struggling schoolchildren. We consider Step Up For Students a partner of public schools in giving all students the tools toward success. We do this by empowering parents through the scholarship programs so that they might have an equal opportunity to discover educational options that work best for their children.