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At Wild Learning®, we believe that the outdoor environment is the ideal classroom for children. Our curriculums, Wild Math® and Wild Reading® use nature as a tool for learning essential math and reading skills. Research has shown that learning outside can increase attention, is more engaging, and is naturally hands-on and multi-sensory.

Wild Math® reimagines math instruction for the natural outdoor environment. Fractions are modeled using mud pies, place value is introduced with bundles of sticks, multiplication is introduced by examining flower petals, and games replace worksheets.

Wild Reading® leads children through structured explicit instruction in phonological awareness skills, phonics, high-frequency words, writing, reading comprehension, language, and other key reading skills. Outdoor and hands on activities such as word squares, scavenger hunts, mammal search, sit spots, and word hopscotch make learning active, hands-on, and fun. 

Return Policy

Due to the nature of digital products, there is no way to return the product after it is received. Therefore, all sales are final. Orders can be refunded before they are sent via email. If you feel you have a special situation or bought more than one copy of the same product by mistake, please email [email protected], and we will help!