A logo image for Optima Ed. It includes their subtitle "An education experience company".

OptimaEd brings students a unique learning experience in the Metaverse world – merging community connection and virtual learning together. Through OptimaEd’s distinctive learning environment, Step Up for Students recipients can explore the exciting opportunities we provide for families: 

VR Explorations: Here, students can immerse themselves in virtual reality and embark on captivating adventures. From ancient civilizations to outer space, our VR explorations transport students to new worlds, fostering a sense of wonder and curiosity. 

VR Courses: Optima Academy offers state-approved online on-demand courses, and we are thrilled to extend this opportunity to scholarship recipients through Step Up for Students. To explore the available courses and their descriptions, kindly visit the course listings and descriptions page HERE. We also offer a Content Creator Course and an Essentials to Everyday Life Skills Course. 

For more information regarding the on-demand courses and the enrollment process, please visit us HERE. 

"If you have any questions, need assistance with our products, please contact us at [email protected].

Refund Policy

Exploration-only Subscriptions: Following the receipt of their credentials, a scholar has a 3-day grace period during which he or she may request a refund.

Exploration Subscription with Headset Purchase: Following the receipt of their credentials and their headset, a scholar has a 3-day grace period during which he or she may request a refund.

Refunds only apply to Exploration Subscriptions, not headsets. Exceptions for headset returns and refunds may be requested but cannot be guaranteed and are subject to a restocking fee.