We are a global team of educators that provide unique and forward-thinking education programs that train, develop and empower self-directed learners.  We focus on multiple learning styles allowing students to discover their own strengths in how they learn.

Our unique approach awakens students to discover their own unique expression of how they view education. They communicate what they’ve discovered and apply their knowledge to “the world outside of a classroom.”

Our team is built from former students and families who have demonstrated self-directed learning in their own lives. We contribute to our current students, by supporting them to discover for themselves what is possible as self-directed learners

Mr. D Math provides a variety of self-paced courses. Our math courses serve students from 5th grade to high school starting with Preparing for Pre-Algebra through Calculus I. Other courses offered include: SAT/ACT Bootcamp, Consumer Math, College, and Career Readiness, American Sign Language for Elementary, American Sign Language 1, 2, and 3 for High School Students, Junior Economics, High School Economics, American English Grammar, Comparative English Grammar, Comparative Literature and Composition, Digital Music Production, Training Like an Olympic Runner, and 8 Steps to Powerful Studying.

Return Policy

We do offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.