Hiveclass is an innovative and asynchronous web-based Physical Education curriculum platform. It’s ideal for home-based students looking to develop physical literacy and confidence through an engaging and rigorous curriculum that meets national and state PE standards. Personalize your PE journey by exploring amongst 14 sports on our platform at any time - all available to you through a single annual subscription. These 14 sport units contain more than 1,800 pre-recorded, scaffolded skills-based video lessons available in English and Spanish. Our curriculum aligns with SHAPE America’s guidelines and meets Florida’s PE standards for grades 6 through 12 and is appropriate for K-5. Hiveclass utilizes a cross-curricular approach to PE with lessons inclusive of Reading, Writing, Science, Math and Social Emotional Learning (SEL) with various types of assessments to check for understanding. Non-sport courses on Mindfulness and Brain Breaks are also included. Built-in accessibility features make the platform adaptable for physio and neurodiverse learning. Sports currently on the platform include: Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer, Pickleball, Tennis, Lacrosse, Field Hockey, Strength and Conditioning, Aquatics, Dance, Self-Defense, Yoga, Gymnastics, and Fitness. More coming soon!

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