I’m the Founder of a MD-based technology and gaming company, Alpha Earl Apps and Games, that creates apps, fun, educational card playing games, and books. As an Educator, I understand the challenges that home school, schools, teachers, and students with dyslexia are facing in today’s learning environment.
My company has created new, fun, and educational card games, including Make Your Words Count ™ (available in English & Spanish) and Make Your Numbers Count ™. We are registered as a school vendor in multiple counties including Baltimore County, PG County, Montgomery County, West Virginia public schools, etc. and can provide references.
The playing card games we have created are a valuable addition to other methods of learning, dyslexic friendly, and are growing due to their intent on improving the learning skills of children and adults. In addition to their presence online, in shows, and in stores, my games are in middle and elementary schools in multiple states.

Return Policy

There is no return policy. For support, please reach us at (410)262-3933