With your help, public school students like Kenneth Balazy will get the resources they need to become strong readers.

  • Carrie Balazy and her son, Kenneth. Thanks to the nation’s first reading scholarship for public school students, the family has greater resources to improve Kenneth’s reading ability.”
  • Kenneth Balazy, 10, learns differently than your average student. He has ADHD and executive functioning disorder. As a result, he easily becomes distracted and finds it hard to focus in class.

    “My son can read,” said his mother, Carrie Balazy, a New Port Richey resident. “That’s not the problem. But the stress and emphasis on passing these FSA tests is taking the enjoyment out of it for him.”

    Kenneth loses interest quickly. He is distracted by the smallest of things. It makes tests even more of a challenge.

    Balazy tried tutoring but it simply was too expensive for the family of five living on one income.

    She worries about sending Kenneth to middle school because he is not able to keep up with his peers on test results. When she learned of the reading scholarship on TV, she stayed up all night to ensure her son received one of the first placements.

    “This scholarship will give Kenneth the opportunity to take advantage of reading programs or tutoring centers to help find the specific skills he’s lacking in and focus on improving them so he can pass these tests easier in the future,” Balazy said.

    Your gift today will help more students like Kenneth access funds through the Reading Scholarship Accounts administered by Step Up For Students. Thank you for making student success possible.

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    *Please note: A donation is not required to receive a scholarship.