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Step Up for Students offers scholarships to help you pay for private schools. Use our search tool to find a school or apply now for a private school scholarship.

Tuition assistance is available for private schools in Miami

Do you need help paying for a Miami high school, elementary school, kindergarten, or junior high school? Your family may be eligible for tuition assistance to help pay for a private school located in Miami. We can help you find the scholarship right for your family. 

Step Up For Students offers several scholarships for private schools. The Florida Tax Credit Scholarship can help pay private school tuition and fees. For students attending public schools other than their assigned school, the Florida Tax Credit scholarship can also help cover transportation costs.

Scholarships for Miami private schools are also available through the Family Empowerment Scholarship. These two scholarships depend on financial need, not on your child’s grades. The application is the same for both scholarships. We determine which scholarship you are eligible for when you apply.

Private School Scholarships Eligibility & Award Amounts

During the 2021-22 school year, a family of four can earn almost $100,000 per year and be eligible for our private school scholarships. The private school scholarships are worth up to $7,000 per child, based on where you live and your child’s grade level. Learn More »

Is Your Family Eligible for a Private School Scholarship?

The best way to determine whether you’re eligible is to start the application process.

Step Up for Students offers multiple scholarship programs to more than 160,000 students.

The Florida Tax Credit and Family Empowerment Scholarships are offered to low-income students, the Gardiner Scholarship to students with special needs, the Hope Scholarship to bullied students, and the Reading Scholarship to struggling readers. 

Step Up for Students has awarded educational scholarships to many children over the years. This includes over 137,000 low-income students, more than 16,000 special needs students, nearly 400 bullied students, and more than 6,000 struggling public school readers.

Scholarships For Special Needs

The special needs scholarship is available to students ages three to 22. It and can help pay for specialized education through 12th grade. Funding helps with private school tuition, instructional materials, homeschooling, tutoring, academic programs, and more.
The special needs scholarship allows parents to personalize their children's education. There are various options, including private schools, therapists, specialists, curriculums, technology, and college savings accounts. We've awarded over 65,000 special needs scholarships. Scholarships for special needs students are now available to more families than ever before.
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Scholarships For Victims of Bullying

The Hope scholarship is for students that have been victims of bullying. It offers both public and private school options. The Hope scholarship helps parents place their children in a safer academic environment. These students can thrive around teachers and staff that care about their students. The Hope scholarship makes that possible.
Hope Scholarships are available to Florida students in grades Kindergarten through 12 who been victims of bullying at a public school. Some eligible incidents include bullying, harassment, assault, and threats. The average award amount for the Hope scholarship is $7,000 a year. Funds can help pay for tuition, book registration, testing, transportation, and more. We have awarded more than 1,800 Hope Scholarships.
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Scholarships For Struggling Readers

The Reading Scholarship helps public school students in grades 3-5 that struggle with reading. This program offers $500 in an education savings account. The funding pays for reading items and services.
Reading scholarship funding can be used for tutoring services, after-school or summer school programs, instructional materials, curriculum, and more. Scholarship funding can also be used for electronic devices, including laptops, desktops, and laptops. We have awarded over 15,000 Reading Scholarships.
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