Frequently Asked Questions

  • How are new products or services placed on MyScholarShop?
    Step Up For Students reviews all items offered by our vendors to see if they fit into one of the preapproved categories for the program. All items on MyScholarShop have already been approved, eliminating the worry that it will be denied.

  • Will parents be able to recommend items?
    Yes! The form is available on MyScholarShop and through the Step Up For Students portal. You can also click here to make a request. All requests are routed to the Product Manager at Step Up for review.

  • Will parents still be able to use Amazon Prime?
    At this time, Amazon will not be a vendor on MyScholarShop. However, there are no restrictions on vendors or online retailers you shop with outside of MyScholarShop as long as the item you are purchasing is approved. So, parents will still be able to use Amazon by paying out of pocket and submitting a reimbursement.

  • How can parents be sure they are getting a fair price while shopping on MyScholarShop?
    Parents are welcome to "shop around" for the best price. The value MyScholarShop provides is a one-stop shopping experience for your child's educational needs. Available items have been approved and can be purchased through your scholarship account so parents don't have to pay with their own money and then wait for reimbursement.

  • How will parents know if the limit has been reached for selected items, such as a computer?
    Certain items, such as computers and other devices, will be reviewed internally before the order is placed. If the item was purchased before the two-year allowable limit of the last purchase, the order will be denied.

  • I can't find my order.
    Your orders will appear in the "My Requests" section of the MyScholarShop dashboard.

  • Is there a minimum order amount?

  • My order was declined/rejected. What does this mean?
    This means the item is out of stock or you do not have enough funds in your scholarship account. If it is out of stock, we will offer a comparable item for purchase. Otherwise, you will need to resubmit the order without that item.

  • How do I know if I have enough money in my account to make the purchase?
    The system automatically does a budget check to ensure you have funds before you place the order.

  • Who do I contact if there is a problem with my order and I need to return it?
    You will need to contact the vendor that you purchased it from. Please click here to view the vendor return policies.

  • Can I purchase school tuition and therapy services on MyScholarShop?
    Not at this time. We hope to offer this in the future.

  • When I log in I see “Ariba Privacy Policy”. What is this and do I have to agree?
    SAP Ariba is the company that helped Step Up create MyScholarShop. You will have to agree to the privacy policy to use the MyScholarShop platform. Parents who prefer not to agree to the policy may continue using the manual reimbursement process.

  • I cannot find the product I am looking for.
    If the product you’d like to purchase is not on MyScholarShop, you can request the product to be added here. In the meantime, you may purchase it through the reimbursable process.  

  • I click the button to log in to MyScholarShop, but nothing happens.
    Some internet browsers are preventing pop-ups from Please enable pop-ups on the page to proceed.

  • Can I use MyScholarShop from my tablet?
    MyScholarShop is fully compatible for tablets, but you will need to ensure that pop-ups are enabled.

  • I get an error at the top of MyScholarShop when adding items to my cart or checking out.
    Please try the following:
    1. Add the items to your cart again.
    2. Log out of MyScholarShop and the Step Up For Students portal.
    3. Clear your browser’s cache (more info here)
    4. Email and include a screenshot of the page with the error message.

  • I see a request saying “composing.” What does this mean?
    The following statuses are possible when ordering items in MyScholarShop:
    • Composing: The request is still pending, and the items in the shopping cart have not been submitted for purchase yet. To submit this order, please access your shopping cart and check out.
    • Submitted: The request has been submitted, and is still pending review by a Step Up processor.
    • Approved: Items that required review from a Step Up For Students approver have been approved, and sent to the vendor(s) for fulfillment.
    • Denied: Items that required review from a Step Up For Students approver have been denied. The parent can resubmit the request with an appeal reason.
    • Ordering: A fully approved order is in the process of being generated. Once the order is fully generated, it will move to the “Ordered” state and sent to the vendor for fulfillment.
    • Ordered: All orders associated with a requisition have been transmitted to the vendor.
    • Canceling: The parent canceled an order after it was placed. As soon as Step Up For Students confirms that the cancellation has been transmitted successfully to our internal systems, the state will move to “Canceled”.
    • Canceled: The parent canceled an order after it went through the approval and ordering processes.
    • Receiving: The ordered goods have been shipped and are in the process of being received.
    • Received: Ordered goods have been shipped and fully received.

  • I see the following under history in my purchase: Exported to ERP, reference number, Ariba Network, etc. What does this mean?
    • “Exported to ERP” is the process during which MyScholarShop is updating your account based on the amount of funds used on the purchase.
    • “ERP Reference Number” is the purchase order that was created when you purchased items from MyScholarShop. 
    • Ariba Network is the platform that MyScholarShop operates on.
    • The “aribasystem” user is the system user for the Ariba platform on MyScholarShop, which ensures that information is being sent from Step Up For Students and our suppliers.

  • I have two students, but when I enter MyScholarShop, only one student's name shows in the top right.
    Please log out of MyScholarShop, and change the active student for MyScholarShop from the drop-down menu in the MyScholarShop tab in the Step Up For Students portal. This will allow you to enter MyScholarShop on behalf of your second student.