Step Up For Students has funded its 1 millionth scholarship this fall. This gives us 1 million reasons to celebrate.

Step Up manages fives scholarship programs for Florida pre-K-12 schoolchildren: the Florida Tax Credit and Family Empowerment scholarships for lower-income students, the Gardiner Scholarship for students with certain special needs, the Reading Scholarship for public schoolchildren who struggle with reading in third through fifth grades, and the Hope Scholarship for students who are bullied or a victim of violence in their Florida public school.

Every scholarship makes a life-changing difference in the educational journey of a deserving child in Florida. With this milestone, we celebrate the thousands of students the scholarship has helped over the years and we look forward to delivering another million scholarships.

Do you want to find out how Step Up For Students got started?

Listen to this episode of podcastED by Step Up’s redefinED blog. Step Up President Doug Tuthill interviews Step Up Founder and Chairman John Kirtley who has spent more than two decades working to ensure that lower-income kids get access to the same high-quality education that wealthier students have always enjoyed. Together they look back at Florida’s education choice movement and celebrate #1MillionStepUpScholarships.