Success Partners

Professional Development offered at NO COST to schools enrolling Step Up For Student scholars. Currently serving 300 schools from Jacksonville to Homestead.


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Success Partners is a two year comprehensive professional development program that is FREE to all schools serving Step Up For Students scholars. Success Partners is grounded in current research that directly correlates student success with parent involvement regardless of economic, racial/ethnic & educational backgrounds. Through a series of published modules, schools study structures, processes and conditions necessary to sustain powerful parent-school partnerships. The modules provide the framework for development of a parent- school partnership action plan unique to the school community. The capstone of the program is the web-based, interactive Teaching and Learning Exchange that features the State Standards, instructional strategies, parent and student interventions, while at the same time addressing social and behavioral issues.

Components of Success Partners:

  • Summer and Winter Train-the-Facilitator Institutes for an administrator and teacher-leader
  • A series of professional development modules
  • On-going support to schools from Step Up staff
  • The Teaching and Learning Exchange: access training and technical support for the SUFS web-based interactive software application (for use with all students at your school)
  • Access to showcases and conferences bringing together over 100 Success Partners schools, which provide opportunities for learning with and from one another

Module topics: 
The Success Partners modules provide opportunities for the staff to study best practices in parent-school partnerships by actively engaging with one another around topics including, but not limited to:

  • Understanding the purpose of parent-school partnerships
  • Identifying and evaluating current roles, responsibilities, structures and processes that exist at the school site
  • Understanding the power of belief systems by learning to think differently about parent engagement
  • Gaining facility in the use of the Teaching and Learning Exchange, a web-based, interactive tool to increase communication and accountability among teachers, parents and students
  • Examining the school environment and culture in relation to engaging parents
  • Investigating roadblocks to parent engagement (i.e., homework and student behavior)
  • Utilizing and celebrating parents’ strengths and assets through the Schoolwide Enrichment Model (SEM), Khan Academy, and home visits
  • Determining, refining and sharing family expectations to increase two-way communication
  • Developing, finalizing, and sharing a plan to strengthen parent-school partnerships
  • Discovering the contributions and assets of each team member
  • Investigating and utilizing student data to increase student academic achievement
  • Systematically studying and revising action plans to increase parent engagement using the Continuous Improvement Model

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