Ongoing School Support   &

Networking Opportunities

through The Office of Student Learning

School Visits and Support

An opportunity for Principals and teachers to make a face-to-face connection with their regional OSL coordinator.

Through these visites, we are able to establish rapport and build relationships with school leaders and staff.

OSL coordinators have the opportunity to tour school campuses, learn about the student population, school culture, share information on all that OSL has to offer, discuss the needs and goals of the school, and provide them with a direct SUFS contact.

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Regional Administrator Advisory Committees

Regional groups of Success Partner school administrators providing feedback and assistance to the Office of Student Learning a few times each school year.

Updates on current legislation, private school resources, and educational best practices are provided.

Dates and times vary according to regional location, and are provided by your regional OSL coordinator.

Coffee & Conversation Events (in select locations)

Informal gatherings of Success Partner school administrators focused on networking with each other in your specific area.

School leaders are able to collaborate on specific issues or opportunities within their own school with area local participating schools.

Dates and times vary according to regional location.

Gardiner Networking Association

A collegial support system for program development and leadership needs for special education administrators serving Gardiner students.

This association is guided by a small group of trusted administrators from schools serving primarily exceptional needs students.

Special Needs Resources

A few links to resources made available to schools serving a special needs population of students.