MLA – Master Leadership Academy

Master Leadership Academy was developed in direct response to requests of many private school administrators to receive training and support in school leadership and administration. Many school leaders are unprepared to face the growing demands placed on them and this course serves as an opportunity for them to step outside of their environments, take a fresh look at the processes and procedures present in their school, and gives them the ability to begin looking at the data behind their decision making within their school community.

Vision: To develop data-driven educational leaders in the areas of instruction, operations, and school transformation.

Mission: Educational leaders will work with data to establish goals and expectations, allocate resources strategically, ensure quality teaching, lead learning and development, engage parents and community, and ensure a safe and orderly environment (Fullan, 2014; Marzano, 2005).

This class is offered free of charge to administrators and teacher leaders who have participated or are currently participating in OSL’s Success Partners initiative. Facilitated by OSL staff who are former school administrators, this course has six face-to-face sessions in various locations across the state of Florida that are organized by cohorts (Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando, Tallahassee, Tampa). Information, engaging strategies and assignments are connected directly to the administrator or teacher-leader’s daily processes. Networking, sharing of ideas and a resulting School Leadership Improvement Plan are valuable resources for all school leaders.