Tax Credit Scholarship: The Record of Performance

The Florida Tax Credit Scholarship for low-income students, now in the 16th year of operation, has demonstrated consistent growth and progress. The program attracts among the poorest and lowest performing students from district public schools, and yet those same students now keep pace with students of all income levels on standardized tests. We know parents rate the scholarship program with extraordinary satisfaction and it saves the state millions of dollars each year that can be put toward other educational programs.


2017-18 School Year

99,453 scholarship students
1,799 participating schools
69 percent of schools are faith-based
63 percent of students are in grades K-5
54 percent of students in single-adult households
9.1 above poverty (average household income was $25,749)

2018-19 Florida Tax Credit Scholarship Fact Sheet

Our Students:

  • Nearly 70 percent of the scholarship students are African-American or Hispanic
  • The average student lives in a household earning $25,749 a year, or just 9.1 above poverty
  • 54 percent live with only one parent
  • They ranked among the lowest-performing students in the public schools they left behind

Gardiner Scholarship: Summary of Progress

SUFS Dreams_CMYK_2560x1500The Gardiner Scholarship program is a unique program for children with special needs. The scholarship allows parents to personalize the education of their children by directing money toward a combination of programs and approved providers. Florida became the second state in the nation, after Arizona, to create an education savings account program for children with special needs in 2014.

Florida’s newest school choice program began enrolling students less than two months after being signed into law. More than 1,500 students received scholarships in the inaugural 2014-15 school year. This year the program is serving more than 10,000.

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