Educational freedom in Florida is growing and you can help. Will you change lives today?

“By the time I was in the fourth grade, I had been held back twice, disliked school, and honestly believed I’d end up a high-school dropout.”

Denisha Merriweather (pictured above) could have ended up in another sad statistic. Her report cards were filled with D’s and F’s. She fought with other students. She was on the road to failure.

Thanks to Step Up For Students and a scholarship that afforded her the opportunity to find a better educational setting, Denisha has gone on to earn a high school, college and Master’s degree.

Denisha’s story is miraculous – but it isn’t unique. You can help students like Denisha achieve their highest potential today. A donation to Step Up For Students will help Florida’s most disadvantaged students get an opportunity to attend a better school – it will open up a door to infinite possibilities.

*Please note: A donation is not required to receive a scholarship.