Transportation Scholarship

In 2001, the Florida Legislature created the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship (income-based scholarship) to provide low-income children access to equal educational opportunities. Under the law, the scholarships are based on financial need, not how well your child does in school.

Students learn in different ways and finding the educational option that best fits their needs is paramount. Sometimes that means another public school in a different neighborhood or sometimes that means a private school. Step Up For Students exists to help low-income families enjoy all of those options.

With the income-based transportation scholarship, families can choose a $750 scholarship to assist with the cost of transportation to another public school. The public school must be out of the student’s assigned district, which typically means it is in a different county. Also, the student must have permission from the district in which the student resides and the district in which the student wants to attend. (Step Up will need documentation of the approval by both districts before being able to award the scholarship.)

Eligibility for the transportation scholarship is the same as the private school option. Please click here to learn more.

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