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How to use the Provider Search:

Step 1: Search for providers in your area

  • Type your city or county into the search bar below to find preapproved tutors in your area. You can also search by provider name if you already have a provider in mind
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Step 2 (Optional): Filter the table by “Tutor” or “Program”

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Please note: If you’d like to remove a filter, simply click on the filter you selected and it will disappear.

*If you do not see any providers listed in your city or county, we may not have any prepapproved, direct-pay providers in your area. We are working hard to recruit more providers so every child has access to high-quality, in-person reading help. In the meantime, try expanding your search to include nearby cities/counties, selecting a virtual provider, or asking your child’s school for help finding a provider.*”

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This table includes part-time tutors and programs that have been pre-approved by Step Up For Students, but does not include all part-time tutors and programs whose services may qualify for reimbursement. If you choose a tutor who is not on this list, they must meet one of the requirements for being a Reading Scholarship tutor in order for their services to be reimbursed. You can find the requirements listed here. You may submit a copy of the required documentation with your reimbursement, or have the tutor or program sponsor contact our office to be reviewed for pre-approval and addition to the list. To download the Reading Scholarship Part-Time Tutoring Service Form click here.