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The scholarship amount varies according to grade and county. The average amount for most students in 2016-2017 is $10,000 and is based on a matrix level of 253. Click here to view the scholarship amount by grade and county.

For the 2016-2017 school year, the state has provided enough money to support roughly 7,600 students. Scholarships will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.

Parents can use the account to pay for a variety of approved services and materials. These may include tuition and fees at an eligible private school, an eligible postsecondary institution or those associated with home education programs, applied behavior analysis services and a variety of therapies, private full-time and part-time tutoring, virtual programs or online courses, exam fees, contract services from school districts, contributions to the Florida prepaid and 529 college savings plans, instructional material, curriculum, transition services and services provided by VPK providers and school readiness providers. For a full list and additional detail, please refer to the Parent Handbook.

Students can continue to receive the Gardiner Scholarship (PLSA) until they graduate from high school, turn 22 or return to public school. Money in the account can roll over from one year to the next and can remain in place until a student graduates from a post secondary education institution, such as college or technical institute, or has gone three consecutive years after high school completion or graduation without being enrolled in and eligible postsecondary educational institution or program offered by the institution..

Yes, the Gardiner Scholarship (PLSA) can be used as an educational tool for parents educating their children at home.

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Do you have a concern about a private school participating in the Florida Tax Credit or Gardiner scholarship programs? Please submit your concern to the Florida Department of Education by clicking here.

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